Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Getting Ready for Payday

Well, I'm still having problems with Blogger but I'm still fighting through it so I can post.

Tomorrow is payday and Wednesday, so my plan is to take care of a bunch of bills and then see how much money is left! Somehow my internet account (which was on pre-authorized payments) got messed up a couple of months ago and I finally got, not one but two, bills in the past week or 10 days so I've got to get that straightened out. I'm just debating whether to try to get the pre-authorized stuff switched over to my credit union account or whether I should just add them as a bill on the system and pay them manually.

To compound my financial issues, I seem to have misplaced my chequebook for the credit union account! I had it in my wallet (with the chequebooks for the other 2 accounts) but it's not there now. It's also not in my purse or in a stack of things I had taken out of my purse. I have another chequebook somewhere (they sent 2) but I think it's packed away in one of the boxes of paper I put away at Passover. Sigh.

It's also time to buy uniforms for Dear Child for school this fall but I'm getting at least some of them second-hand. The school resells used uniforms at a very low price and I'll see what the ones they have in her size are like tomorrow. I'll still have to buy a few other items, including socks and tights. She needs 2 new pair of shoes too, one for inside wear and the other for outside wear, but I'll definitely wait until some time in August to get those to make sure they fit properly. I'll also need to buy her at least a couple of new skirts for after school and Sunday because her current ones are starting to get short. Most of her tops are still fine though.

All told, her school stuff should cost a lot less this year than it did last year and that makes me happy. Uniforms rule! Even if I bought new uniforms they'd cost a little less than I spent last year on regular clothes. By buying used I'll save a lot. And she's not at an age yet where wearing a used uniform will be the end of the world.

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