Friday, February 26, 2010

Surgery Update

Just a very short post to say that my Dear Child had her surgery Thursday morning and came through it beautifully, Baruch Hashem [thank G-d].  She was nervous as this was her second surgery and she said she felt the anaesthesia line being inserted last time, but she was very brave.  I cuddled her and encouraged her to blow bubbles while they put the line in today (her hand had been pre-numbed by a topical) and she didn't seem to feel it this time.  Boy, they go out fast though.  One second she was giggling and telling the nurses about Dog and the next we were easing her down on the table as her eyes rolled back.

She's doing really well.  We gave her one dose of Advil when the freezing and painkillers they had given her wore off but she hasn't seemed to need any more.  I went out and spent more money than I should have on special soft foods for her (cottage cheese, ice cream, juice, soft fruits) but she can't eat regular food for a couple of days, just a very soft diet.  I'm going to make tuna quiche (one of her faves) for Shabbos lunch and we'll have fish fillets and mashed potatoes for Friday night.

I can't believe Purim starts when Shabbos ends!  At least today was an easy fast (the Fast of Esther gets pushed back to Thursday when Purim is Sunday because we don't fast on Shabbos unless Yom Kippur falls out then).  And Dear Child can say she fasted too!  Normally kids don't fast until the year they hit Bar or Bat Mitzvah but she had to fast from midnight on for the surgery.  Actually, she did have about a third of a glass of water through the afternoon, a sip or 2 at a time, but that's all.  She had a strawberry banana ice cream smoothie for dinner.  And she's looking forward to a visit from the tooth fairy tonight.  She got $5 each time previously when she lost a tooth and they extracted 4 teeth today (among other work).  Hubby asked her how much money she'd be getting and she said $20 right away!  Pretty good math skills for a 7 year old!

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