Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thanks for the Support!

It's very nice to hear back from some of you, welcoming me back and encouraging me to stick with both the blogging and the work I need to do to.

Thanks for being there for me!

Things are very busy right now.  Work is crazy, the school year is winding down and every day seems to bring some departure from the norm (field trips, class parties, sports day, hot lunch, you name it), many people are dealing with the health issues of family members (at work, in our own family, friends) and I'm feeling stretched kind of thin.

I've straightened out some things that had fallen by the wayside, like my cell bill and will take care of the one remaining outstanding bill (the water) by next week at the latest.  I got the property taxes for my rural home and the garbage bill for it.  Both have gone up somewhat from last year, but not horrendously.  And, thanks to the fact that I've been setting aside money for those kinds of things most paydays (and keeping track of when I don't and then catching it up) I have enough money already in my rural credit union account to pay the bills when they're due at the beginning of July!  That's a big improvement from the past couple of years.

I also have been working on slowly paying down the massively increased amount that has gotten charged to my credit card over the past few months.  I have only one charge left to pay back from my Passover purchases but most of the rest are biggies.  There's about $750 owing for kitchen cabinets and flooring I charged at IKEA, the last couple of hundred owing on Dear Child's dental surgery, the $1,300 for my root canal, and about $125 for a new heavier duty weed whacker and replacement reel for the rural house.  Last year we bought the cheapest one we could find and that was a huge mistake.  The reel didn't feed properly (which meant it had to be taken apart and played with repeatedly Every. Single. Time we used it) and the whole thing broke under the usage it was getting.  We hope this one will last much longer.

My hubby is going today to finish his root canal and I already have an appointment booked for July to fill a cavity and discuss the crown I'm going to need on the tooth I had the root canal on.  Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shevy,

I was happy to see a new post. It sounds like you are getting things back on track. Thanks for sharing the good and the bad.

Keep posting!


Rina the Mama Bear said...

Yes!! Keep blogging!! We're here to support you regardless of good or bad situations!! *hugs n prayers*

Shevy said...

Thanks Deb & Rina, I'm *trying*!