Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back to Real Life

Nobody won the $33 million, which then grew to $45 million for Saturday night's draw. I did buy another ticket but the jackpot was won by 3 people (or groups of people) in Ontario.

Since I'm not a multimillionaire I'm just going to have to pay my bills the regular way. The Home Depot due date is fast approaching so I transferred all but $650 of the money we need to pay it into my chequing account from all my ING accounts. It should actually arrive in there by the middle of the week. The rest of what I need is going to have to come from money Hubby will get at the beginning of the month. I have about $50 left in the Emergency Fund but the Home Depot and Vacation Pay accounts are wiped out.

It doesn't feel good to have so little leeway but it will feel great to have that debt paid off (and without incurring any interest). I still have one more amount left to pay Home Depot (my new bathroom, which is still sitting in boxes in the shed). That's about $500 and isn't due until next January. In the meantime I'm going to concentrate on paying down my MasterCard.

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