Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Won't Wait Wednesday for the New Year

I haven't talked about it recently but Wednesday is still my day for getting those tasks that keep hanging around the To Do list onto the Ta Da list.

What did I do today? Well, today was the first payday of the new year and, as expected, my cheque was a little bigger than usual because of the week where I worked longer hours in my co-worker's absence. Last week I finally managed to open a new account at Coast Capital Credit Union. Today I took a chunk of cash from my cheque and deposited it into the Coast account. I'm still waiting for my ATM card but it should arrive some time this week and I've already written a couple of cheques that will be clearing in the next few days.

I called to find out why we didn't get our water delivery (yes, the snow is to blame even though it's finally melting away). They promised to get to us tomorrow.

I also paid the water bill and half my monthly payment to my credit card from my old account. I bought a couple of things at Safeway but I missed out on 10% off Tuesday yesterday and am just buying as little as possible now. I did buy one treat though. I couldn't resist buying a bag of cherries (on sale). I love them and so does Dear Child. She'll be so excited to find them in her lunch tomorrow!

I finally dug out my last Home Depot bill and transfered the money to pay the first of two amounts that are coming due. I'm not sure if it will make it into my bank account by Friday but it will certainly be there by the beginning of the week. It's due on the 19th so that gives me enough time to get it paid.

I'm satisfied with what I accomplished. Did you tackle any tough tasks today?

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Dolly Iris said...

That was a lot for one day! I should pick a day to tackle tasks like that.