Sunday, April 5, 2009

Turning the Kitchen Over Part One

Well, I'm still massively behind on my Pesach cleaning but I'm on track with the kitchen!

On Thursday I received my dairy order, which meant that I had to clean most of my fridge. I still have to clean the big bottom glass shelf that covers the vegetable bins and the bottom shelf on the door (where the last of the chametz has been hanging out) but I'll do that tomorrow. Upstairs. In Eldest Daughter's bathtub, seeing as I still don't have a functional one of my own.

I made a point of "using up" food for Shabbat and after Shabbos was over I cleared the counters, scrubbed them, cleaned the stove top, scrubbed the burner pans with steel wool, scrubbed the double sink with steel wool and then self-cleaned the oven (sticking the burner pans in there on the rack). Now everything has to sit for 24 hours and then I can kasher the kitchen. That entails self-cleaning the oven again, pouring boiling water over the counters and sink and turning the burners up to max for at least 10 minutes each. Then I can cover the counters again with transparent contact paper.

I still have to scrub the inside of the pots & pans cupboard and the pantry cupboard and then line them so I can put stuff inside.

Since I can't kasher the kitchen until the middle of the night tomorrow night I am faced with the dilemma of what to do Sunday during the day. I have lots of general cleaning to do but there is also the tiling. Do I clean, or do I tile? If I don't tile I won't have a usable bathroom until a week or two after Pesach ends. If I tile on Sunday and grout on Monday my son-in-law can put in the vanity, countertop, new toilet etc. whenever he can. Well, he'd have to put in the toilet Monday night but the other stuff could go in then or when he's off on the following Sunday and Monday (he has a whole 5 days off at the beginning of Passover). And I could build the wardrobe in my multitudinous spare time (HA!) on Monday or Tuesday and put the coats into it.

But that cuts into my time for doing things like reboxing papers and suchlike and sticking them into the bottom of the closet. Or for reorganizing the storage room to try to get more into there. I have to spend some time on Dear Child's room because it's still full of boxes and I can't even get at her table and chairs, which I need for the kid's table at the seder! I have a bunch of laundry to do and the rooms all need to have floors washed, swept or vacuumed.

What will I do? I honestly don't know yet. I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow. Stay tuned for Part Two!

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