Thursday, April 23, 2009

Catching My Breath

I know. I've been missing in action for just about a week. I don't even have a good explanation other than exhaustion.

I've been busy at home, trying to put away Pesach stuff and take out the everyday things. I've been busy at work with several things, including our upcoming annual gala. I've been busy with health issues. Dear Child went back to school Monday morning and then woke up on Tuesday morning with pink eye! This meant she had to stay home for a day, we had to go to the doctor, get stinging antibiotic gel to drop in her eye, etc.

And I really haven't been feeling too good. I'm tired all the time and I've fallen asleep with the computer on 2 or 3 times recently. I find I'm out of breath after I take my granddaughter downstairs at work to her preschool class and I'm only walking back up the one flight of stairs. Once I get to the main floor I take the elevator the rest of the way up to my office! The other day we forgot her lunch kit and had to go back after we were already in the van. I was so tired by the time I got her back into the van and buckled up again that I could barely move my arms.

So I finally called the doctor today and made an appointment. The soonest I can get in is a week from now. I really can't afford the time I'll be taking away from work but I keep thinking about Grace talking about how her only symptom prior to her quadruple bypass was shortness of breath....


Grace. said...

OK, Shevy--take a major lesson from ME! My EKG was normal, and so were the blood tests (which really only measure if you've had a heart attack). It took a slightly off treadmill test and a seriously off angiogram to pinpoint how serious the situation was. Please get it thoroughly checked out.

Shevy said...

Yes, ma'am! I already said you're the reason I'm even going to the doctor.

It could be asthma related, although I haven't been bothered by it much in the past few years but I also have a significant amount of heart disease on the maternal side of my family, so it only makes sense to check it out.

(My mother died of congestive heart failure, her mother had angina for about 40 years, her father died of an absolutely massive heart attack, you get the picture.)