Friday, May 1, 2009

Two "Wednesdays" This Week

And another week goes by....

At least I've been busy the past couple of days. I know yesterday was It Won't Wait Wednesday but some of the tasks got carried over to today. What all did I do?

I got paid and took cash out of the credit union to deposit into my bank account. I also wrote a cheque to myself at my other credit union and deposited it through the ATM so there'd be enough in the account to cover the service charge at the end of the month. The cash I took out couldn't be deposited until today.

I also went to the gym, but not to work out. My 18 month membership ends May 1st and I wanted to cancel. I hate gym contracts. It says you can't cancel until the anniversary date but then it says you have to give 30 days notice. After the "free" 18 months (that I paid $500 for up front) they start charging your credit card $29.95/month on the first of each month. You have to give 30 days notice too if you change your credit card or there are chargebacks. The credit card I gave them in 2007 was changed by the credit card company about a year ago to a totally different number.

Anyway, I went in and filled out the required form in person but they couldn't do anything about the credit card issue except tell me that I was going to get charged one month's fee before I'd be free of them. They suggested I call the head office and gave me the number. When I called today I got a recording and had to leave a detailed message. I'll try to call again in the morning because I want to take them the cash and have them sign off that I'm done. Of course, that's going to mean driving out to Richmond on Friday afternoon (at least half an hour each way). At least Shabbos doesn't come in early!

I went to my doctor's appointment today. She sent me for blood work (to check for obvious things like anemia or thyroid) and is going to set up an ECG and a treadmill stress test. However, she thinks I need to exercise more! (Right, just as I'm cancelling the gym membership.) Then she said I might be tired because I'm always so super-busy. And, if I'm so busy, just when am I going to exercise? Besides, this isn't just being tired. This is stuff like being too wiped to lift my arms to put them on the steering wheel. I think it's a little more than "de-conditioning". I went to the lab after the doctor and had 2 tubes of blood drawn. Then I walked across the street to the bank, deposited the cash and updated my book.

Tonight I did my husband's taxes although not my own. Why? Well, technically speaking, you only have to get your stuff in by the deadline (which was midnight) if you owe Canada Revenue Agency any money. I can't remember the last time I ended up owing them anything. Usually I get somewhere between $30 and $100 back. Hubby, on the other hand, always owes money. And not a tiny amount either. It's usually $700 and up! Last year he ended up owing over $1,000 and he hasn't paid off much of it, maybe a couple of hundred dollars. If you owe money you still pay interest and all but there's no 5% penalty if you at least file on time.

So, I did his return. I was hoping it would be better this year because they have a new accountant at his office and because there have been a few positive changes in the tax rules. How does almost $1,000 back sound? Of course, they pay off any outstanding stuff first but he'll still get a cheque for $200 or $300! Actually, I would have done my taxes too but I boxed up most of the paperwork I need for it before Pesach and it wasn't where I thought it was. I'm not worried. If he got a refund I'm probably getting a bigger than usual one myself. I'll try to find the missing papers over the weekend and do it then.

Of course, once I finished the good copy of his taxes I had to get in the car and drive it out to the Taxation Centre in Surrey before midnight. I got it in with about an hour to spare.

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