Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lag B'Omer

Today is a semi-holiday called Lag B'Omer, the 33rd day of the counting of the omer. (This counting is what we do every day from Passover until Shavuot, the time when the Torah was given.) The custom is to have bonfires at night (last night) and to have picnics and play (carefully!) with bows and arrows during the day today. Honestly though, I have to say that I don't know anybody who actually does the bows and arrows thing, unless you count little kids making bows from a stick and a piece of yarn!

The kids are in school but it's a non-uniform day and they're having baked potatoes at lunch (for the bonfire connection). The weather hasn't been so nice for the past couple of days and has been extremely variable, going from rain to sun and back again during the course of the day. So, the big question was: would we be able to have the scheduled picnic/BBQ and kite flying at the beach? It was very overcast this morning but has cleared up nicely now, so I guess it's on!

I'm not sure what we're doing this evening though. Hubby is home sick today, I'm supposed to have class and I know it will be chilly at the beach, even if it's still sunny. Plus, I don't have the money to buy food at the BBQ because payday isn't until tomorrow. But I know Dear Child would enjoy flying hubby's kite! (He has a really nice one that he's had for several years and we rarely use it.) I guess we'll see.

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