Thursday, January 14, 2010

Money, Teeth and Computer Viruses

I'm plugging away, paying bills as I get money (whether from work or Hubby when he gets paid or wherever).  The problem is that sometimes it takes me a couple of days to get money from Point A to Point B.  When Hubby gets paid he transfers money to me for bills but that goes into my old bank account.  I take cash out from there, then have to physically go into the credit union when it's open to deposit it so I don't have a hold on the money.  Unfortunately, the credit union is on a major street that doesn't allow street parking 3 to 6 pm and where it's very busy the rest of the time.  So, it's challenging to get there and be able to find a place to park.

This past week I took some of the money out in cash and used telephone banking to make another payment from the old bank account to my MasterCard.  I finally got the cash into the credit union the other day and made some more payments today.  First of all, I had to take care of my internet bill, which I somehow forgot at the end of last month.  Then I put money towards Home Depot and (yet again) MasterCard.

So far with the MasterCard I've paid off all the stuff I charged in the Okanagan and then made two more payments of $90 each.  So I've reduced the balance to just a little below the amount on last month's statement (because the bedframes were just over $170).  However, the interest charge won't be added to the account for another day or so.  That will push me up by $90 odd but I'll hit it again next week with at least $90.  The net result will be that I won't have reduced my balance over the previous month but I'll have paid for everything I bought.

I've also had some other expenses this week.  Dear Child went back to the dentist and he pulled another tooth that wasn't supposed to come out yet.  It was the crowned tooth next to the one that already came out and its roots had also resorbed.  The tooth was so loose that it was just hanging by a thread.  A dab of topical freezing and the dentist was able to get it out with his fingers.  That set me back by about $50, including the xray.  And then I let my youngest son talk me into buying more RAM for my laptop.  I only had 1 MB, which is really low.  So $60 later I have 2.5 MB.  At the same time he cleaned up my computer, which had acquired a really annoying trojan that was masquerading as a virus checker.  I'm still not sure how I got it.  It just showed up as I was reading blogs a couple of nights ago and was popping up very realistic windows about how this, that and the other file was infected, and did I want to run my antivirus.  I really couldn't make a move without several popups appearing and I didn't want to do anything that involved logging in anywhere using any of my passwords.  Hooray for my techie son!  Well, both my techie sons, since the older one actually works in the IT field, but the younger son was the one that was available.

On top of all that, work has been insane and I've been trying to put in extra hours.

So, that's been my life this week.  How was yours?

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