Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Starting 2010 the DIY Way

Well, as I was writing in the response I made to RivkA's comment to my previous post, I have to decide whether or not we're going to replace Dear Child's floor once we get access back to her room (since right now it's taped shut with clear tarp over the door, closet and dresser).  I think it will probably cost about $400 for both the DriCore and the flooring itself.  Oh, and baseboards.

It's certainly the right time to do this while all the furniture (except the dresser) is already out of the room.  And there's no question that the horrible carpeting that was here when we moved in should go.  Even if it was nice carpeting I'd want to replace it with wood because of my asthma.  And, believe me, it's not nice.  I had a very large straw mat I got in Fiji probably 25 years ago down over most of the exposed floor surface before and a small sheepskin right by the bed.  Wood would be so much nicer.  Wood is good.

However, it's money I hadn't planned on spending and it would end up going on yet another no interest payment plan at Home Depot.  Now, it's true that it looks like my Hubby's commissions are picking  up somewhat and he has a big job or 2 in process right now but probably won't see money for them for a couple of months.  It doesn't make sense to wait until the money is  in hand though from the point of view of getting our daughter back into her room.  And getting our living room, kitchen and dining table back to normal.

I also have to think about how long it's going to take to actually do the floor.  I'm not the fastest person at these things but I do a good job.  Probably a couple of evenings for the DriCore and about the same for the floor (although if I go with engineered I'll be gluing it, which takes longer and also needs an extra day to dry).  I don't want to do the baseboards.  I hate the mitred cuts.  If my Son-in-Law will cut the baseboards that will be okay.  He did a pretty good job of them in the girls' room upstairs.

So I think I've rationalized myself into an additional reno job over and above the ones I really need to do around here (like finishing the bathroom or redoing my kitchen cabinets, or putting in the tile floor).  And this is after I laid the floor in the girls' room with my Eldest Daughter's able assistance (also not something that had been on my list).  I'd ask her to help me with this one in exchange but I feel guilty about asking someone who's 8 months pregnant to help lay a floor.  My Hubby is totally not handy with renos and my S-in-L has more than enough renos to do in his part of the house right now.  Sigh.

And from a financial viewpoint I do worry to a certain extent about the effect of taking on additional debt just as I'm paying off some from last year.  It's not that I'm worried we won't have the money to pay it off when it comes due.  I'm actually pretty good at that.  It's just that I hate to be moving in the "wrong direction" if you know what I mean.  I guess I just have to be really vigilant about paying other stuff when I'm supposed to, setting aside money for things that will come due later, putting that little bit away every week into the Emeergency Fund, etc. etc.  You know, all those good habits I said I was going to develop this year.

And I did pay off the first of the 2 Home Depot amounts.  On time.  The next one is due in February and will be more challenging but I'm sure we can do it.

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