Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goals for 2010 and 2011

Happy New Year!  I'm here, let's see if I can keep it up.  I wanted to take a look at my goals for 2010 and see how I did with them, as well as set out some more goals for 2011.

Here were my goals for 2010, along with how I did:

Financial Goals

Pay down $1,300 directly in credit card debt. Pay down $1,500 in other debt. Pay down $1,080 in regular credit card payments. Total: $3,880. Round up to $3,900. Even with paying down as much and as often as possible, I'm basically $3,000 deeper in credit card debt.  I paid down $1,375 in other debt.  I made almost all the regular credit card payments.
Open a TFSA and put $1,300 into it. I opened an account and put $1,200 into it.
Put a minimum of $520 into the Emergency Fund. I pretty much cleaned out my Emergency Fund when I went to the US for a wedding but there's $1,236.72 in it at the moment.
Put a minimum of $520 into my RRSP. I put $350 into my RRSP.
Keep putting money into my set aside accounts, rural credit union account, etc. I was inconsistent with this, though better than in any recent years.
Keep current on all my bills. Not always.
Come up with $3,000 for Dear Child’s dental surgery. Well, we paid for it although a good chunk of that is the increase on the credit card.
Pay off both Home Depot payment plans on time. Done!

Rural House Goals

Plan out and create a garden in the front of the house (south west side of driveway area). Nope.
Plant lavender border. Nope.
Go to house 2x per month in summer. Nope.
Finish new floor in master bedroom. Nope.

Physical Goals

Get weight down to 120. Nope, still sitting at 132, but some of that is now muscle.  Not all though....
Walk for at least a half hour per day (or use elliptical for same length of time). No way!

So, I won some and I lost some.  What are my goals for 2011?

Financial Goals
  1. Pay off all our outstanding debt.  Not as insane as it sounds, as we are expecting a small inheritance shortly.
  2. Put $1,300 into the TFSA this year.
  3. Increase the Emergency Fund by at least $520.
  4. Put a minimum of $520 into my RRSP.
  5. Put the set-aside money into my accounts regularly.
  6. Get current and stay current on all my bills.

Rural House Goals
  1. Go to the house a minimum of once per month when the weather is decent.
  2. Build the bedframes that have been there for a year now!
  3. Step up the search for land once we have the money for a down payment.

Physical Goals
  1. Go out to exercise at least once a week.
  2. Exercise at home every day that I don't exercise elsewhere.
 Let's see how I do with these goals.  I think I learned some valuable lessons last year and have developed at least somewhat better habits.  I'm also taking better care of myself, which is really just as important as getting my financial life in order.





Grace. said...

The goals look good. (Of course, goals always look good--it's the getting there that is the problem!)

Shevy said...

Yes, goals always look good. You wouldn't pick them if they didn't look all bright & shiny. Part of the issue is, are they realistic? Sometimes it's easy to choose goals that sound good but are just about impossible to achieve from where you're starting from. Only time will really tell with these goals.