Friday, July 11, 2008

I Know You're There, Don't be Shy!

It's gratifying to see that more and more people are coming and reading my little blog. In addition to all the Canadians and Americans, I've had recent visits from Korea, Israel, the UK, the Phillipines and Australia!

My only question is: are you all shy? I love comments and I've gotten some, but not that many. They tell me I made a connection (whether you agree or disagree with what I've written). I'd even welcome suggestions for posts you'd like to see. Really, I think the interaction is half the fun so don't be afraid to comment.

Anyway, today I'm really wondering if I've lost my mind. I forgot to go to Superstore last night to buy my Bolthouse protein drink so I had no breakfast this morning. My DC woke up crying with leg cramps before I left so I got out the door late and one of the 2 buses I take wouldn't stop because it was too full.

So I didn't go to Safeway on the way to work (which would have meant a 5 to 10 minute walk from the store to the office). Instead, I bought a muffin and decaf when I got to work. I had also meant to bring a cream cheese and jelly sandwich to work but didn't make it what with having to give DC Advil. So I also had to buy lunch. The muffin and coffee were $3.75 and the pizza and salad cost $7.20. So that's an extra $10.95 I spent today.

Then I went to the store and bought salad and bus tickets on the way home. Unfortunately, I forgot creamer and the protein drink! So I finally remembered and had to send Hubby at the last minute before Shabbat to get them (from Safeway). That cost me an extra $1.10 over what the drink would have cost at Superstore! So, being forgetful cost me $12.05 today.

But being forgetful didn't stop there. I forgot I'd bought something for tonight and automatically started making the same dinner we had last Friday night (because I had everything for it on hand). But Hubby doesn't like having the same thing week in and week out, so I put it all back in the freezer to have next week. The only thing is, I put the mayo, dill and parmesan on the fish already! I hope it works (I've heard mayo doesn't freeze well).

Anyway, I'm off to light candles, so Shabbat Shalom!

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BigAssSuperstar said...

I saw your plea for comments, so ... howdy-how, Canadian neighbourino!