Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Let's Have an Upbeat Post

I could write lots of doom and gloom stuff right now. The world financial markets seem to be melting down and things aren't any too hot at my house right now either. The car won't be ready until tomorrow because they found something else wrong that has to do with the water pump (more money!) and they had to order the part. I've been doing some financial work in Excel and our money situation is worse than I'd thought. (Denial, it ain't just a river in Egypt....)

But I thought I'd like to write about something a little happier.

Let's talk about smoked turkey instead. I bought half a smoked turkey for Rosh Hashana dinner. It was literally cut down the middle so it included a wing, a leg and half a breast. Since it was already cooked all I had to do was heat it up in the oven and it fed 7 adults and 3 kids (along with half a salmon and a bunch of other food). My youngest son took a plate home as well.

The 3 of us (me, Hubby and DC) had grilled turkey sandwiches after the Fast of Gedaliah (the day after the 2nd day of Rosh Hashana) and they were great. I cut a round challah into slices, we put in heated smoked turkey (my hubby just sauteed it in a little olive oil) and used margarine on the outside of the bread. We grilled them in the frypan (the way you'd do a grilled cheese sandwich) and when they were toasty I opened them up and added mayo and jellied cranberry sauce. Yum! Hubby & I had 2 sandwiches each and Dear Child had one.

For Shabbos lunch I took the carcass, broke it to fit in the crockpot, added a whole onion, about 3 potatoes cut in chunks, 6 to 10 baby carrots, and a little rosemary. I covered the carcass with water and left it in the crockpot overnight on low. It was the best soup. Ever. DC had a 2nd bowl. She has never done that. With anything, especially anything containing meat. I had a 2nd bowl too.

The turkey wasn't cheap. It cost $46 but it gave us 17 servings of food, which works out to $2.71 per serving. I think that's pretty darn good!


Brenda said...

I saw your post on a Classic Book list and loved your comment. I Classic Book list. I'm looking because I home school my children. I thought your name was interesting also, as my DD is named Shaya. Love the Turkey food ideas I can't believe the price for smoked turkey, but that's why I buy them raw, wash, rub with salt and throw in the oven all day.

Shevy said...

Yes, but the reason I bought the smoked one is that the raw turkeys all cost between $98 and $106! Well, a whole turkey wouldn't fit in my meat oven either. The price wasn't really different. I got half a turkey *and* it was already cooked.

Meat is just really expensive. I pay $5.99/lb for ground meat, $5.49/lb for chicken thighs (the cheapest part, except for backs or necks). This is why we generally only have meat on the Sabbath and holidays.