Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tiny Change in Plan

We're actually leaving in the morning. If we'd left tonight we'd be getting there about now. Instead, I've read all the blogs I follow, made some comments, tried to make a change on my blog that isn't working and am now posting.

I did set up a furnace guy for Friday and left a message for the plumber, who didn't call me back. I got food at the deli but they were really out of cheese (for the 2nd time recently) and I don't have the mozzarella I wanted to make lasagne with. Again. last time I ended up using cheddar. This time there wasn't even any cheddar. It'll be in some time next week (i.e. Thursday or Friday, the only days they'll be open) but that's too late for me.

The big thing I missed doing on Friday (partly because I ended up working until 3:30 pm and partly because I forgot) was to pick up the lulav and etrog. Since I didn't want to wait until noon tomorrow to be able to leave I arranged to get it tonight after Shabbat. I can't believe I almost messed up such an essential thing. Brain freeze. Senior moments. They're getting the better of me and I don't like it.

Anyway, we still have to get the sukkah up tomorrow and we may have to mow the lawn first, so I hope we really do get an early start.

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