Saturday, November 15, 2008

Could We Stop the Bad News, Please?

Posted Motzai Shabbos [after Shabbat].

So, Hubby went to pick up his repaired partial plate on Friday. The repaired part seemed okay but one third of the plate, including a tooth, had been cut off! Hello? Why would you take an undamaged part and slice it off?

Of course, "nobody" knows who did it and the guy in charge wasn't there. Hubby will have to go back to talk to him on Monday. He'll have to have new impressions now and either have the entire plate redone or just that part done and reattached to the main part of it (if they can do that). But we are absolutely not willing to pay a penny towards it. It's their fault; they need to deal with it.

And my hubby says there seems to be some problem with the power steering on the newly repaired car! Does the nightmare ever end? I know, gam zu le tova [this too will be for good]. Please just tell me how.

I keep trying so hard to keep things going in the right direction and it just keeps getting tougher and tougher. I'm still not feeling great. We all just stayed home today and tried to catch up on sleep and get better, rather than walk an hour and 20 minutes to shul. I'm not aching any more, Baruch Hashem [Thank G-d], but I'm still coughing really badly and that's not good news with my history of asthma and pneumonia. Things tend to settle in my chest and just stay there.

It's shaping up to be a very busy day tomorrow, so I'm posting this before midnight and trying to get some rest.


Grace. said...


I have felt your pain upon more than one occasion.

When they make me god (maybe you shouldn't hold your breath on that one!), I'm going to dole out small economic tragedies much more equally.


Sara at On Simplicity said...

Just found you and wanted to wish you string of good luck. I like your strategy of taking a day off. It can be refreshing to remember that the world doesn't fall apart when we take a break. Best wishes.

Bouncing Back said...

Feel better! Good news has to be around the corner~

Shevy said...

Grace, Sara and Bouncing Back

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement.