Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good News, Bad News

Every time I turn around there's good news and bad news, bad news and good news.

The bad news: Hubby's partial plate kept breaking and the cost to replace it turned out to be over $600, NONE of which would be covered under his extended medical because he's only had it for 3 years and they only pay out for that every 5 years.

The good news: He found a place that can supposedly repair it (recommended by someone who has had it done). It'll be ready tomorrow and will cost $45.

The bad news: Dear Child was sick yesterday with a fever and missed school.

The good news: She was able to go back today.

The bad news: Now I'm sick -- cold and achy all over.

The good news: We went to parent-teacher conferences and heard lots of good things about DC.

The bad news: She had her hearing tested at school today and now needs to go to the doctor for further investigation as one side was problematic.

The good news: I mailed that cheque last night.

The bad news: Being sick obviously makes me susceptible to overspend on food for Shabbat. I spent about $60! I just hurt so much that I didn't care and bought yummy but expensive stuff.

The good news: At least I spent cash and never even considered using the credit card.

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