Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Goodbye Landline Hello Savings

I finally talked to Hubby about the landline, which costs us about $50 per month. Other than my in laws, pretty well the only people who call us on the landline are telemarketers of one sort or other. You know the usual nonsense. You've won a vacation to Costa Rica, you have a reduction in interest available on your credit card, you're invited to join Direct Buy or you've been selected to go on a free cruise if you just come listen to our timeshare pitch.

Everybody else knows to call on our cell phones.

So, as of today, we no longer have a landline. The one aspect that otherwise would have bothered us, that in an emergency 911 doesn't always identify your location on a cell phone, doesn't really apply to us. We share a house with Eldest Daughter and her family and they have a landline. So we're covered that way. And saving $50 per month is nothing to sneeze at.

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dmoms said...

good choice. I am hung on the 911 issue as well but you have solved that concern. every little bit of savings counts!