Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Getting Sick

I'm all stuffed up and have chills and body aches. This really sucks. I have so much to do and I'm not getting much of anything done while I huddle under the covers, trying to get warm.

I really hope I feel better tomorrow. It's payday and I have several bills to pay. Unfortunately, it's also Wednesday and I'm supposed to be finished Dear Child's room and moving on to my bedroom! That is so not the case. I mean, I can start working on the master bedroom but there is no way DC's room could be considered done.

I'm just going to bed.


Bouncing Back said...

Get some rest and get on the road to recovery!

Shevy said...

Thanks, I sent Hubby off with Dear Child and the 4 yo granddaughter to go to Play Dome (a spring break midway under the dome at BC Place) this evening so I could hang out here in bed and have some peace & quiet.

No TV on. Just curled up in bed with Dog, having a hot cup of chai tea.