Monday, March 2, 2009

A Bit of Progress

As usual when I start really cleaning, sorting or organizing, everything looks worse than when I started. However, I did get some work done today. I'm adding to the pile of boxes by the front door, the ones that are supposed to be given away. Today it was a box full of our old fleishig dishes.

I also went through 2 boxes of papers, reducing them to one box. I have a paper shopping bag full of recycle papers to go out with tomorrow's garbage and a stack of shredding paper. Both hubby and I did some shredding today but there's more to do. And I combined 2 boxes of cleaning products into one, as well as doing some more laundry. He washed the car.

All this while taking care of the little girls because Eldest Daughter was at a trade show here in town all day. I also drove her there and picked her up. The toughest thing is that the bathroom reno is supposed to start tomorrow sometime and the trade show runs for 2 more days. That means I need to be at home with the baby pretty much all day (she's been going to work until noon with her mother since January sometime). Her dad is off work this week but can't demolish drywall too well with a 2 year old underfoot. But I can't do any of my Pesach cleaning during the day when I'm home because I was asked to keep the girls upstairs while the work is going on and I have to go to work in the evening to make up for the hours I'm missing. I think Eldest Daughter is taking Thursday and Friday off, so that's probably when I'm tiling. Either that or the guys will get to watch the little girls while I tile if it has to be another day.

Any way you look at it, this is shaping up to be an interesting week.

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