Saturday, February 28, 2009

Well I Tried

I set a goal to post at least 16 times in the month of February but this is only my 15th post. At least I came close and February is a short month. This month I posted, on average, every other day. I want to do even better in March, even though I'm getting busier every day as we move closer to Pesach.

Speaking of goals, I really haven't been keeping up with either setting or achieving much in the way of goals since the beginning of this year. I know I set a few goals for 2009, but I'm talking about shorter term, more manageable goals. I haven't even been keeping up with the microgoals toward my long term goals recently.

That's kind of sad. I'm just not sure I'll be able to do much better until after Pesach, say mid-April or even May. Right now I think I'll be pleased if I just keep on taking baby steps towards getting ready for Pesach, whether that means cleaning something, buying things, planning, etc.

On Friday I actually spent $10 on 10 new terry tea towels that I'll begin using at Pesach. It's not that the price was so good (it's always $10 for 10 at this particular place) but the selection of patterns varies constantly and it's hard to find 2 different patterns I like at one time that are appropriate for assigning to meat and milk. I got 5 towels with a bluish flower on them and 5 others with green olives and olive branches. The blue ones will be for dairy; the green will be for meat.

Then tonight, after Shabbos ended, I got started on clearing out the bathroom before the reno starts. I've had 3 boxes sitting in the (unusable) tub ever since we moved in. Two of them were packed by the restoration company a couple of years ago, the other I was actually using at our last place. Whenever I've needed something I had to go poking through the lot to find it. I went through all three boxes tonight and got it down to one box! There were some things in the restoration company boxes I've been missing and wanted to keep but a lot of other things were simply too old. Dried up or totally separated nail polish, old tooth brushes, very old liquid soap, etc. All those went into a garbage bag. There were some good finds though. I have enough brand new (still sealed in their packaging) toothbrushes to use for Pesach. And I found a never-used powder eye shadow I got at MAC, plus my new brushes (still in their case). There was also a pink rubber ducky DC was happy to see.

I'm feeling the urge to make some goals for the month of March, but I think I'm going to sleep on it.

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