Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rough Day at Work

Computers. You've gotta love them, except when you want to toss them off the top of the building! I left work last night just before 10:30 pm. Both computers were working perfectly. I shut them down and went home. This morning I got a call from my co-worker who gets in about an hour before me, saying her computer won't turn on.

Just wonderful. Pretty much everything sits on her computer. Our database, all our Office files, my Outlook files, you name it. Someone came to pick it up and we got a call a while later to say that it wasn't the power supply, it was the motherboard. Oh joy.

So I dug out my old ginormous box from under my table and hooked it up. They brought back her box and installed the hard drive in the old PC. Then I got my IT Manager from Head Office to help us get everything up and running (repathing, renaming, copying stuff from here to there). It only took us until about 2 pm to be fully functional again. Thank goodness we saved my old box when I got the new, tiny desktop.

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