Monday, February 2, 2009

Catching Up

I've been doing a lot of catching up recently. I've been catching up on sleep, on what some of my friends who live elsewhere are doing and on recording my expenses in Excel. I've even done some catching up on my Nach studies. (All those are good things.)

I've also been reading and commenting on other blogs. Unfortunately, that all means that I've been shortchanging my own blog to a certain extent. I wrote a paltry 8 posts in the month of January, which I find absolutely shocking. My general intent is to write 5 or 6 posts per week. Last month I averaged 2 per week.

I want to get back on track, really I do. I just find it hard with working 3 evenings per week, taking 2 classes, looking after the girls and trying to keep on top of our finances. I'm going to try to do better in February, but that's not a goal. How's this? My goal for February is to write a minimum of 16 posts.

And now my goal is to get to sleep before 2 am so I'll be able to get up when my alarm goes off at 6:45 am!

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