Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What Won't Wait Now?

Today was It Won't Wait Wednesday and it was payday. What items did I knock off my list today?

First of all, I updated my passbook and took out $160 in cash, all of which went to my Eldest Daughter. I gave ED $20 to replace a gift Dear Child gave to one of her classmates this past weekend and the rest was to repay the money I borrowed from her yesterday when it looked like I might be in danger of going over on my chequing account. Everything worked out perfectly and she was happy to have the money back so fast.

I worked intensively on a project for work that needs to be completed tomorrow, had a meeting about some other work I'm going to do on the side, did all the usual chauffeuring, bought DC a Webkinz that I've owed her as a reward for about a week, bought my granddaughter a birthday present she'd specifically requested and bought about $96 worth of groceries. What with sale prices and a couple of coupons on the packages the cost was about $12 cheaper than the items would have been at full price. I'm happy about that, but it would have been even better if I'd had the money a day earlier and had gotten an additional 10% off for Safeway's monthly Customer Appreciation Day. I'd say "Maybe next month" but February is a short month, so payday falls out again the day after Customer Appreciation Day. Too bad. I've made a point the past few months of doing a big shop then and it's really a help.

Anyway, I did a lot today and I actually got a head start yesterday by going with DC to the Health Unit for shots. She needed a booster that they get in kindergarten and was very anxious about it so I said I'd go too and have a flu shot. They didn't do a clinic at my community centre this year apparently and I'd been putting off arranging it. Not a good idea considering that I have asthma and have had pneumonia twice in the last dozen or so years (once even after having had the pneumococcal vaccine).

There's a couple of bills I still need to pay and I have some updating to do in Excel but I'm pleased with what I accomplished today.

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