Saturday, February 14, 2009

Walking Again

After not going for several weeks because of bad weather, illness, etc. I went to shul today for the second week in a row. Even better, Hubby and Dear Child also made it. There was a big lunch today, in honour of a friend's son's recent marriage, and several of DC's classmates who normally go elsewhere were at our shul today. She was very happy and split her time between us and playing with her friends after the main part of the lunch.

Then she ended up going to a nearby friend's place with several of the other girls and playing until Shabbos was over. Even better, she let me walk home and didn't insist that I stay with her! I got time to read my Tanya and take a little nap before Shabbos ended and it was time to pick her up. I'm actually happy I walked the hour or so home because I really need the exercise. I've gained another 3 pounds and I know it's a combination of too much junk and far less walking than I'm used to. I'm hoping the weather cooperates for the next while and that I can keep getting to shul on a regular basis. One of my goals has been to lose 10 pounds and that's never going to happen if I stay home and sleep half of every Sabbath away! Plus I really miss it when I don't go.

Eldest Daughter is away again until Thursday so I'm going to bed early because I have to get up when my son-in-law leaves for work to look after the little girls. I hope I'll get a chance to get started tomorrow on the Passover cleaning I planned out the other day. Right now I'm halfway through the first week and I'm already behind. Not a particularly auspicious beginning.

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