Thursday, February 12, 2009

Too Busy to Blog?

When I don't write, either in my journal or on my blog one of two things is usually happening. I'm busy or I'm tired. Or both. And I've figured out over the years that when I start getting busy and tired all the time I'm usually overwhelmed in some way.

Sometimes I'm busy at work or with taking care of the kids. Sometimes I'm sick and still trying to push through to the other side. Sometimes I'm stressed about money. Sometimes I've taken on too many things at once.

Right now it's all of the above. I'm in the middle of a very busy time at work. My Eldest Daughter is going to be out of town for the next several days, so I'm going to have the kids more than usual. I've been fighting something for weeks that has me coughing off and on and makes me hoarse. Since one of the kids was diagnosed with croup last week, it's probably laryngitis (the adult version of croup). I have 2 evening classes and I'm finding Hebrew verbs pretty difficult. Passover is now only 8 weeks away and it's time to start cleaning for it. And I have no money to pay some of my regular bills because we threw everything we had at the Home Depot bill. I keep getting good paycheques (all those extra hours I'm putting in) but it doesn't help when half of it goes to get me out of overdraft every payday. Then the pre-authorized stuff comes out and I'm back to zero so I go back into overdraft for food and gas.

Listen, I knew that February was going to be very tight for money. And I know I'm always really busy at this time of year between work and trying to clean for Passover. I'm hoping that I can just hold on for the next 3 weeks or so and that things will get a little better then. At least I sat down the other night and planned out the cleaning. All I have to do now is follow the plan.

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