Monday, February 23, 2009

Stupid Tax

No, I'm not talking about doing my income taxes (although I should get cracking on that fairly soon). I've been charged another round of "Stupidity Tax". I realized that I didn't have enough money to pay both the overdue portion of my cell bill and half of the amount I intended to pay on my MasterCard.

There were clever things I could have done. I could have paid half towards each bill. I could have paid the amount I intended on my cell and then just put $15 or so on the credit card. I could have paid the credit card and left the cell bill for a week or so. But I didn't. I stuck my head in the sand and, as a direct result, went overlimit on my credit card for the first time ever.

So, how much is the tax on stupidity this week? $29. I went overlimit by $12.84 and incurred a charge of $29. If I had paid $15 on the card I wouldn't have gone over! Adding insult to injury, I didn't go over because I bought something. I haven't used the card since I put the fuel oil on it in December and I paid it down by the amount I was charging beforehand. No, this was all purely interest. Because, you know, I have so much extra money that I don't know what to do with it all, so I like to give the nice people at MasterCard at least $90 per month. (Excuse me while I wipe off the excess sarcasm that oozed out all over the computer.)

So, do you know what my minimum payment is this month? $41.84. That is the exact amount by which I'm overlimit. So, if I just blindly paid the minimum payment what would happen? I'd get charged another $90 or so in interest, I'd go overlimit again and they could charge me another $29! That means I need to pay at least $150 before the due date of March 12th in order to be sure that I'm not going to go over again.


444 said...

Did you know that they will most likely refund the overlimit fee if you ask them to? As long as you put the card back in good standing, and as long as you have not asked them to refund any fee recently, like in the last six months or a year, just asking sweetly should get you a refund. But make sure it's paid down first. They'll never do it before you bring the card back underlimit. I hope this works for you, and good luck.

Shevy said...

Hmm, I hadn't thought of that. I don't think I've ever asked them to refund anything.

What harm could there be in trying?