Saturday, February 28, 2009

100th Day of School

Friday was the 100th Day of School for Dear Child! On Thursday the kindergarten class baked cookies at school. On Friday they went from class to class, singing a song about the 100th day and handing out cookies to all the rest of the kids. They had crowns to wear and necklaces made with one hundred cereal Os.

The class also had an assignment to carry out at home. They had to count out one hundred small items, put them in a Ziplock and bring them in. DC brought Trix cereal. Some of the other kids brought cotton swabs, dry pasta, you name it.

Now, this whole 100th day of school thing is new to me. We certainly didn't have it back in the Dark Ages, when I went to school. My adult kids never had it. But I saw a book in the Scholastic handout recently that was about the 100th day of school, so it can't just be her class.

Anyway, it was fun. And she got to bring enough cookies home for us each to have one!

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dmoms said...

my kids had 100 day celebration in kindergarten. 100 day t- shirts were made, crowns, and the like. they remember it to this day.