Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It Won't Wait Wednesday

Some people call it Anti-Procrastination Day, but that's not as wonderfully alliterative as "It Won't Wait Wednesday". Basically, we all have things we put off, things that sit on our To Do lists for days, weeks, months or even longer. On Wednesdays I'm making an attempt to take care of at least one or two items that I've put off.

Today I accomplished three things with two phone calls!

My first call was to Canada Revenue Agency. I had my 2007 Notice of Assessment handy, but didn't need it for the series of security questions they asked me. I was probably on hold for about 2 minutes. I've received both my 2006 and 2007 tax refunds, a notice telling me we don't qualify for the GST rebate, my July CCTB and UCCB benefit payments, but not my retroactive CCTB (Canada Child Tax Benefit/BC Benefit) for last year. The girl I spoke to told me that I'll be getting a cheque for $730.82 and it will be issued for August 20th.

My next call was to ING Direct. I wanted to talk to someone who could walk me through changing the date that the withdrawals from my chequing account go through. Currently they come out on Mondays. I wanted to change that to Thursday so I would line up better with my paydays (every 2nd Wednesday) in order to avoid the problems I've had recently. The guy I talked to did that and moved $250 from my Vacation Pay account back into my bank account. This is something I've been putting off to my detriment.

So I'm happy with my accomplishments. I'll have enough in my bank account at the beginning of the month to cover the stuff that's coming out, I'll have less problem with being out of sync and having money come out of my account 2 days before the money is in there, and I know how much I'm getting from the government and when to expect the cheque!

Of course, it means that I'll be very tight for money right up until the 20th because I'm getting a smaller than usual cheque on the 6th. Then I'll get paid the first of 2 big paycheques with 1 regular week and 1 week of full time hours and the same day I'm due to receive not one, not two, but three cheques from the government (my retro CCTB of $730.82, my regular CCTB of $56 and my UCCB of $100)! But that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

So, how about it? Does anyone else want to commit to dealing with a task that won't wait next Wednesday? Post about it and come tell me about it, either on this post or next Wednesday's.

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