Sunday, July 13, 2008

Comfort Food

Other than dropping Hubby and Dear Child off at the baseball game and picking them up today, and going to Superstore (finally!) I didn't do my usual running around today. And I didn't get much done on the boxes, but I spent some much-needed time catching up on recording our expenditures in June.

I still need to spend a little more time getting right up to date but looking at all the numbers has sent me running for comfort food. I'm sitting here with a plate of cinnamon toast and a mug of decaf English Breakfast tea, which is pretty well my top comfort food (well, besides any kind of chocolate!). And I prefer decaf Earl Grey but I would have had to stand on a chair to get a new box out.

My biggest consolation has to be that I stopped using my credit card sometime last month. I wanted to go to the house this weekend (just for the day) to cut the grass, check the garden, see if the plumber finished the job under the sink and see if he left his bill. The thing is, I would have had to use the credit card for gas, so I didn't go. I really hope to go next week though. Going every 4 or 5 weeks in the winter is okay, but we definitely need to get there more frequently when it's hot. We just have to be realistic about the cost.

Anyway, I think comfort food is important. In addition to tea and toast (and chocolate), I also consider tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches to be comfort food. And homemade chicken soup is great when you haven't been feeling well and are just starting to perk up. Because comfort foods make us feel better, they're important to our financial state too. When a person is depressed and the financial picture isn't good it's hard to find the motivation to do something about it. Comfort foods help revive our spirits and make us feel like there really is a solution after all.

What about you? Do you turn to comfort foods when things aren't going so well? Does it help? And what is your favourite comfort food?

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Bouncing Back said...

I turned to all sorts of comfort food when I was fiscally stressing-all kinds,but pasta and bread rated #1 and #2 on my list.

My favorite comfort food is pasta in almost every shape and form, with pesto, tomato sauce, butter, cheese, olive oil and parsely

And I wonder why I gained 30 lbs.