Friday, July 18, 2008

Tempted by the Sidewalk Sale

I had to stop at the mall today on the way home and they're having a sidewalk sale. In order to get to Safeway I had to run the gauntlet of all the tables and racks and I was very, very tempted.

A high end dress store that sells mostly wedding and special occasion ware had a few racks out and one skirt caught my eye. It was a filmy, iridescent dark blue skirt that was cut shorter in the front (a little below knee length) and floor length behind. It had lace and sequins appliqued on it and it was just gorgeous. Regular price? A hair under $400! I think it was marked down the first time to $150, but it had been marked down a second time to $59.99.

I wanted it. It was marked as being a little smaller than I normally take, but it didn't look like it was really that small. I almost picked it up and tried it on. But if I had and it had fit me, I would have had to buy it and I don't have any money right now. (In fact I'm in overdraft because I didn't transfer money out of my ING vacation pay fund to cover the 3 days of vacation I took last pay period.)

I had my credit card on me, but I've promised myself I won't use it unless it's necessary (like the time I had to charge $3 for parking at a government building because I don't carry cash and they didn't take Interac). I wanted the skirt but I couldn't convince myself that it was necessary even though I know it won't still be there on Wednesday when I get paid.

So, then I went by the book store and bought a book from one of the remainder tables. But that's okay. I paid $5.66 for a hard cover book that will give me something interesting to read on Shabbos (when I can't watch TV or be on the computer). Speaking of which, I'm off to prepare the dinner I tried to start last week by mistake.

We're having salmon with mayonnaise, dill and parmesan cheese, potatoes and green peas with butter. Challah buns and white grape juice. No wine this week because I can't afford to spend $15 or more. Tomorrow we have BBQ chicken and homemade potato salad.

Shabbat Shalom!

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