Thursday, July 24, 2008

Not Really Posting

The blog post previously scheduled for this time period has been delayed and will appear tomorrow.

Why, you ask? Two reasons. First of all, I was really late getting home after work tonight because I stopped at 2 grocery stores and 2 gas stations. Thank goodness for stores that stay open until midnight! Then I had to put everything away and have a snack.

Secondly, I got caught up reading other peoples blogs instead of writing my own. (My name is Shevy and I'm a compulsive reader.)

Now it's very, very late and I have to get up very, very early because Eldest Daughter has to go out of town on business again and she has to leave for the airport incredibly early. Since Son-in-Law is driving her that means Bubbe Shevy gets to go upstairs and try to nap in the girls' room for about an hour. Then maybe I can try for another hour of sleep downstairs before I absolutely, positively have to get up.

Of course, tomorrow is one of my full-time days in the office, plus I have to bus there. I am going to be very sleep deprived tomorrow.

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