Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back at the House

Well, we left the city today and we're back at our rural home from today until Monday. The grass wasn't nearly as bad as last time but our lilac is almost dead and I'm not sure if it will recover. My Munstead lavender, on the other hand, is blossoming again even though I removed all the buds previously and it got a little mowed over last time we were here. We set the sprinkler before coming to town to buy groceries.

But first we stopped at Walmart to buy more line for the weedeater thing and before you know it I'd spent close to $100. No, the line wasn't that expensive. We saw the thing we've been looking for to zap all the mosquitoes. It cost about $46 but it attracts all the bugs, electrocutes them and works over a whole acre. And it came with a 3 year warranty. Given that last time we were here we were almost eaten alive every time we stepped out the door it is totally worth it. And I bought a kickboard for DC who did quite well with her swimming lessons.

I also bought wasp spray because they've taken up residence just inside the roof above the front door. Thanks to Kacie for her post about wasps today and for her telling me how dangerous it would be to try to just seal them up.

And we spent more on groceries than I've spent each of the past couple of weeks. Part of that is because we were out of some bigger items like water (it's dark yellow out of the tap, thank you very much) and instant coffee, as well as all the renewable kind of thing (milk, cream, butter, eggs, hummus, you name it).

Tomorrow we're also coming to town for part of the day and then we're going home to grill the 2 honking rib steaks I bought at the deli this morning before we left the city. This is not something we normally do, but this is our anniversary weekend and this is our celebration. I'll do them just before Shabbos comes in because we don't cook on the Sabbath. Shabbos lunch we have sliced roast beef, nice and pink.

Okay, going home now to eat something because talking about food is making me hungry!

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Kacie said...

Sounds like you'll be busy zapping bugs and getting things sorted out! I hope you have a lovely weekend at your rural home :)