Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday's My "I Have to Run" Day

The Bangles got it all wrong when they sang about Manic Monday and Sunday being the "I don't have to run day". On Mondays my movements are pretty well circumscribed. I go to work for a little while. I come home and spend the day (carless) with three little girls. I have dinner and go back to the office for a few hours.

But Sunday. That's usually either my big errand day or my big reno project day or a "get-together-with-family" day (which is not as restful as it might sound, what with 4 kids, a daughter- & son-in-law and 3 granddaughters).

Today was a case of one from Column A, one from Column B and one from Column C. I went to 2 grocery stores, I emptied 3 boxes, cooked for family and went out (with Hubby and Dear Child) to see #1 Son, D-in-L, and eldest granddaughter (at least a half hour drive each way). In addition Hubby, DC, Eldest Daughter and 2 granddaughters went swimming at his folks' place. Why didn't I go for a swim? Because I was cooking and going through boxes, of course.

I do my best work on the boxes when I'm all alone. I can putter around and move things from here to there. Some papers that should go with other papers to be gone through. Some children's books to be put with the rest of DC's books. A few books to be given the heave-ho. Pictures to be put up on the wall instead of lying in boxes or leaning up against the wall in the storage room/3rd bedroom. (What? That's not where you display your art?)

I was happiest to find my (expired) passport, the box my digital camera came in, and the missing-since-Passover second box of meat stuff (most importantly, my meat knives in their knife block).

The passport may make crossing the border less of a hassle and may allow me to finally apply for a new passport (although I still have to get an official paper trail, documenting my name from birth to first marriage to now). Finding the camera stuff means I can try to get the photos onto my laptop and from there, to my blog! And finding the meat knives and the lid for the frying pan will make cooking for Shabbos easier. You have no idea how much fun it has been for the past couple of months, trying to cut up raw chuck steak with either a dull table knife or a plastic one!

I had hoped to achieve a couple of other things as well that just didn't materialize. I'm looking for the receipt from IKEA for the mirror I returned previously. That's because they gave me a store credit for it instead of taking it off my credit card. If I take in the receipt and the store credit they'll fix it for me. That will mean the IKEA card will be completely paid off!

I also wanted to pot the small herbs I bought last Sunday at our other place into 4 terra cotta pots and one ceramic one that I've got. I got 6 plants for $4.99: 4 Provence lavender plants, one peppermint and one stevia. If you notice that I have 5 pots and 6 plants, well, that's because the Stevia isn't going to have a home. It just happened to come in the same container with the ones I really wanted.

Anyway, that was my Manic Sunday. (Less alliteration, more accuracy. I may never be a professional songwriter like Prince, who wrote the song the Bangles later recorded, but that's the way it goes.)

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