Monday, July 14, 2008

Their Swim Lessons = My Exercise Plan

One of my goals for this month is to lose five pounds, but so far I haven't been very successful. I haven't been buying bag after bag of two bite brownies or any chips and I walk for a total of 2 hours on Shabbat and about 15 minutes every other day, but that's about it. I'm saving some money on food but I haven't seen a real change on the scale (which has been varying between 130 and 128) yet. Do I need to say that I haven't gone anywhere near the gym?

However, I think I may have found something that will help. My DC and my 3 yo granddaughter started swimming lessons today at our neighbourhood community centre. I have to take them there and wait for them while they have their lesson 3 days per week (the other 2 days my son-in-law takes them). So, how will my sitting there watching them swim for the next two weeks help me lose 5 pounds?

Sitting on the pool deck won't help, but the key is that I have to walk them there and back. I have the baby in the stroller, my purse and the bag with the towels and snacks and I have to push the stroller there uphill. We have to walk fairly quickly to get there in 20 or so minutes and I'm out of breath by the time I get to the top of the hill. Going home is easier because it's downhill but it's still a 20 minute walk, so that's 40 minutes of extra walking 3 times per week. That has to do something.

I guess we'll see at the end of the month!

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