Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Can't Pay My Bell Cell Bill

I just can't do it.

I hear someone muttering about how excited I was about my free BlackBerry, my great data plan, getting away from Fido and its horrible customer service, etc. etc. I've only had this phone for under a month so how could it be so impossible to pay my bill?

It's simple. I can't access it.

I was signed up for an e-bill when I got the phone and I received an email a few days ago saying that my first bill was ready. I've been trying to access it ever since. I went to the Bell site and registered but I couldn't link the account to my user name.

You see, in order to link an account you have to input data off your paper bill. I. Have. No. Paper. Bill. I tried to email Bell about this problem but my email wouldn't go because I didn't fill in my account number. Guess why? Right. The account number is found on your paper bill.

I couldn't phone Bell then because they have ordinary business-type hours (why are they not 24/7?) but I called them the next morning and sat on hold for 10 minutes. When I got a live person, she verified my identity, then gave me my account number. I went back online last night and started the linking process again. I got as far as entering my cell phone number and hitting enter before I got a message saying they were having technical difficulties and to try again later.

Tonight I tried again. This time the stumbling block is the question that asks what day your statement is generated. Hey, the info is right there on your bill.... I tried the date the email saying the bill was ready came. I tried the date I signed the contract. Then I tried the day after that and got a message saying "Your account has been locked due to several unsuccessful registration attempts. Please try again in 24 hours."

Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow? Sitting on hold waiting to see if customer service can tell me what date to enter!

I wonder if I'll be able to access my bill before the due date for paying it has come and gone, but I can't tell because, of course, I don't know when it's due!

I still love my phone, but my goodness, they need to get their act together otherwise.

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Dolly Iris said...

Sorry to hear you are having problems accessing your bill. If you have the time I would call Bell and have them sit on the line with you until you are able to log in. Its the least they could do for a new customer.

As I've said before I've worked for many companies call centers and its their goal to get you off the phone. However, you have to be satisfied when you get off the line.

There is nothing wrong with asking them to stay on the line with you as you go through the steps of setting up your online account. If you have any resistance simply ask for a supervisor. I hope this helps.

Good luck!