Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Will I Ever Catch Up?

Probably not. I keep trying to get current on entering my receipts but I can only do it when I don't have kids bopping around and I tend to put it off for all kinds of reasons. It's too late. I'm too tired. I have to get up early in the morning. It'll take too long.

I've been at it since I came home and I'm literally falling asleep here as I type. I wish I could say I'm all caught up now but that's not the case. Worse, it puts me behind in writing here on the blog and I feel compelled to try to stay up and complete some kind of semi-coherent post. That's hard to do when I pause for a moment and a game board just somehow appears in my mind and I start playing this game I've never seen before. Do you think maybe I fell asleep? Uh huh. And I woke up a minute or so later. The problem is, next time I may not wake up until morning.

One of the reasons I fall asleep when I try to do this sort of thing is that it's a form of resistance that's going on in my brain. The other reason is that I'm really tired. But resistance is significant. It means I'm doing something that is really out of my comfort zone and my brain will try anything to get me to stop. Why does it seem to be so threatening just to try to get a handle on how much I'm really spending and what I'm spending it on?

Perhaps I want to think I'm in control of my spending and that we're managing well, even though it's clear we've been spending more than we've made recently. Perhaps I don't want to see the changes I need to make.

Whatever it is, I can fight and win through. But a good night's sleep couldn't hurt.


Kelly from Almost Frugal said...

Hi Shevy,

Do you have access to your account online? I don't save my receipts, instead I go to my account and, if I have a lot to do at once, I do them day by day for each entry.

For some reason, entering receipts seems so *fiddly* to me- you have to keep track of each piece of paper and then they sit there on the desk waiting for you remorsefully. Switching to looking online was what made the system work for me.

Dolly Iris said...

Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Fellow bloggers are here to support you. If you are tired and can't post don't worry about it.

I recently learned about future dating posts. Sometimes when I know I'll be busy I schedule a few for the next couple upcoming days. Then when I have time to post I catch my readers up on what else has been going on.