Sunday, June 29, 2008

Things That Go Buzz in the Night

I’m sitting here in front of a blank screen. It’s not that I’m short of topics. The new carbon tax kicks in on Canada Day and our already high gas prices will jump by another 2.34 cents per litre. I had intended to write about that but whenever I start to type about gasoline it turns into mosquitoes!

Ah yes, this is the dark side of paradise. We have mosquitoes. Or more accurately, they have us. We are definitely losing this battle. I have 4 bites on my forehead. Hubby has more than 10 on just one leg. He’s definitely in worse shape than I am. I probably don’t have more than a dozen bites in total and I think he has at least twice that.

They’re holding us hostage in the house, which really makes me mad. It was pretty hot on Shabbat. I looked at the outdoor thermometer in the hottest part of the afternoon, but I’m sure it was wrong. It said it was 114 degrees Fahrenheit but I don’t think it was really more than 98 or so. Still that’s plenty warm. So, when the sun finally went behind the hill and it started to cool down about 3 hours before it got dark I took a chair and sat out on our back deck reading Psalms. It was really nice for about 10 minutes, until the mosquitoes found me and called all their friends.

I’d brush one away from my skirt and another would land on my arm. I’d shake my arm and 4 or 5 would congregate on my ankles. I retreated pretty quickly and finished my reading sitting on the window seat in the living room by the screened window.

Sunday we’re planning to have a fun day. We’re going into town (so I can post this) and we’ll see if there are any Elvis events still going on or if they all took place on Shabbat.

I want to take my hubby to a couple of wineries, even though we can’t taste non-kosher wines (not even to sip and spit) because the rules about grape products are among the strictest of all the kosher rules. But Tinhorn has a wonderful demonstration vineyard, with maybe a dozen different types of grapes, all the costing (admittedly a few years out of date, but still useful) and all kinds of other information. And I want to go to an all-organic fruit winery because the organic issue is another very important aspect of this for me. I need to meet people in the industry and there’s a lot for me to learn.

And maybe we’ll take Dear Child to the beach for a while. When I was a child I used to go every single day in the summer and I don’t think she’s ever really been in her 5 years. I actually learned to swim in the lake but she’s signed up for 2 weeks worth of lessons at the community centre pool in the city (along with her 3 year old niece) in July.

But first we’ll need to spend some time at Safeway, on their free wifi. I haven’t looked at any blogs since Thursday morning and my DC is suffering from withdrawal from Webkinz World. And the best thing is, there won’t be any mosquitoes there!

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