Friday, June 13, 2008

What's on Your iPod?

The front page of today's Vancouver Sun asks "Is your iPod breaking the law?" The story is about a proposed federal copyright bill that was tabled in the House of Commons yesterday, a bill that is similar to the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act, although it's not as tough on ISPs. However, it provides for fines from $500 (downloading copyrighted songs)to $20,000 for legally buying songs online and then emailing them to friends! The bill does provide for timeshifting (TiVo, PVR, VCR) but apparently doesn't allow you to keep the taped shows permanently. It also allows you to make a copy of music you buy legally to put on your own iPod, computer, etc. But you absolutely can't do anything to circumvent any kind of digital lock that companies may place on their material.

So, why am I asking what's on your iPod? Well, I have a confession to make. No, my iPod Shuffle isn't packed with illegally downloaded music. Actually, it's empty. I got it mumble, mumble at least 2 years ago and have never used it because I don't know how! The only good thing I can say about the situation is that it was free. (I listened to a pitch for a timeshare and the Shuffle was my reward.)

So when did I get to be some kind of Luddite? I was always ahead of the curve. I used to record audio from the TV to cassette tape when I was a teen. I learned to use a Wang word processor when everybody else was exclaiming over getting a new type ball for their IBM Selectric. I was DOS Girl, comfortable with the C prompt. I learned not only Word and Word Perfect, but dBase and FoxBase. I never got into the BBS thing but CompuServe and AOL were my friends. I started surfing the web a little behind the curve, but I caught up fast. I was slower with blogging, not even reading blogs until some time in the past year. Then I wanted to start a blog but put it off for a while, at least in part because I don't know the first thing about html. In a way, starting this blog was a jump into the unknown designed to force me to learn.

I'm sure if I just sit down and read some real material on the Shuffle (not the Quick Start guide that has more pictures than words) I'll be able to figure out how to get it going. I don't think I want to download music from the iTunes store, but I want to add songs I particularly like from CDs I already own. Then I'll only be behind the times, instead of hopelessly behind.

Anyway, I have to finish preparing for Shabbos. If anyone is interested, we're having salmon with mayo, lemon, dill and parmesan cheese along with potatoes and green peas tonight. Tomorrow is lamb stew in the crockpot. I've tossed in a large lamb shank, a whole onion, potatoes, baby carrots and spices along with enough water to cover. And I have a bottle of Dalton Red for both kiddush and drinking with the stew. There's chocolate ring for dessert both days.

Shabbat Shalom!

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