Friday, June 20, 2008

More Money! The Miscellaneous Boxes Pay Off

Wow, it just won't stop coming! I've spent a number of hours this week going through boxes that came out of storage after our move earlier this year. I've eliminated at least 6 boxes, filled a box to overflowing with things to be sold or given away, recycled a lot of paper, laughed over some things (like the 1985 Sears Winter Catalogue!) but the best thing by far is that I found 2 $100 Canada Savings Bonds in a box of very miscellaneous paper!

They matured in 2004 and, with interest up to November 2004, were worth $188.13 each! More money to put towards those pesky bills.

I had to post the good news but I'm very tired and I've got a migraine coming on. I'm going to take something for it and go to bed. If I don't have time to post tomorrow, Shabbat Shalom.

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Pushing30 said...

Don't you just loving finding money you forgot you had?! What a nice surprise. That also reminds me that those savings bonds are a great savings vehicle...I only have one so far but will get another in the fall. Happy Friday!