Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It Wasn't Even Wednesday

But I still got a bunch of outstanding things done!

Today was Purim, so it was crazy. We barely made it to shul to hear the megillah for the second time. (You have to hear it once by night, once by day and you need to hear every single word both times or you have to go arrange another reading so you do hear it all.) We arrived and they announced that they were about to start. Whew!

After the reading we started giving out shalach manot, the gifts of food that are mandated in the Book of Esther. I spent a crazy amount of time with the 3 little girls in the van, driving around, dropping off shalach manot for people (both personal ones and ones for the school fundraiser). I took a break at home in the middle and took care of some bill paying.

I had already made a payment to both my cell bill (way overdue) and my MasterCard (not overdue, but overlimit) a few days ago. Then hubby transferred money to me, which hit my account today. So I paid the next month owing on the cell and another $90 on the MasterCard.

Then I called MasterCard bcause today was the due date for the statement. I told them about the new payment and then, because 444 suggested it, I oh-so-casually asked if the guy I was talking to had the authority to reverse that overlimit fee I was whining about back on February 23rd. He looked at my account for about a minute and DID IT! Woo hoo! $29 less debt with just one little question. Thank you, thank you 444! I would never even have thought to ask if it weren't for you.

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