Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Dog's Breakfast of Info

Oh, look! Blogger has graciously permitted me to post today. (I'm also trying to access it via Firefox, rather than IE. No idea if that helps.)

Things are very busy. Work is busy because we're in the process of changing Executive Directors. Things are busy with the kids because it's summer and every week is a little different in terms of who's in camp, who's away for a few days, etc. So far it's been working fairly well the 2 days per week that Dear Child goes to her sister-in-law's at 7 AM.

She's making more noises about wanting to go to camp herself though, and I'm gradually looking into it for one of the weeks that her niece is also going to be in (a different) camp. Drop off times are a bit flexible and they finish at totally different times, so the fact that it would mean 2 different locations doesn't look like a big problem.

Of course, it's also $120 for the week. That's quite a lot, but perhaps I can get a partial campership.

I've discovered that Hubby's extended medical plan has improved and I should be able to get more money back from my eye exam and new glasses than I originally thought! That's a good thing.

I was kind of planning on going to the house this weekend, but I'm probably going to stay in town for a totally shallow, pop culture reason. I think we're going to take Dear Child to meet Dog Chapman on Sunday morning. Yes, because every young Yiddishe, chassidishe maidele [Jewish, orthodox maiden] needs to meet a long-haired crew of tattooed bounty hunters once in her life (if only to be able to say to people who question our lifestyle that she's seen ones that are much more extreme, lehavdil [to make a distinction, especially between the religious and the secular] and yet are held up to public admiration, as opposed to the religious who are just considered to be odd or old-fashioned).

For anyone trying to pick their jaw up off the floor about now, let me say that I would take her to the circus too, without worrying that she might yearn to dress like the tightrope walker or run away to join up. I doubt this will encourage her to beg for a tattoo or to dress like Dog's wife, Beth. If anything, probably the opposite. And no, this isn't the pricey show at the Red Robinson Theatre. That's on Shabbos, when (obviously) we wouldn't consider going. Hubby found out that he's at some other event on Sunday, a car show or something (which I can't find online right now) and which is either free or cheap, I believe. Plus, if I'm right and it's a car show, Hubby would want to go to it regardless. Kind of like me and Home Shows. I try to go every year, no matter what.

What else is going on? Well, I looked at that other property on my last trip and it has potential. There's some things that need to be looked into and that's in process. We'll see what happens.

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Grace. said...

Hmmm--taking the kid to see the DAWG, huh? Well, at least you won't have to hang out at Chuck E. Cheese--another bastion of childhood!