Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Will Post When Blogger Lets Me In!


Grace. said...

What's up with you and Blogger? Surely there's a reason (and thus, a solution) to why you've been unable to post?

Shevy said...

Well, I've written about it before but I can't seem to find a real fix.

When I go into Blogger and select New Post the box for the title is available to me but the main box where you type the text of the post is doubled (you can see an extra line around the inside of the box) and the cursor won't go in there.

Nothing works consistently to resolve it. I log in and out and back in again. I try to edit posts, then go to a new post from there.

A lot of the time it works if I sign into Blogger by commenting on someone else's post. If I sign in from the main Blogger page it almost never works now.

I tried the help forums but still can't find anything that works all the time. Sigh.