Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yet Another Payday Wednesday

I got paid today. What did I do with it? And what else did I accomplish?

Well, Dear Child had to be up and in the van at 6:45 am this morning so her brother-in-law could drop her off at her sister-in-law's house on his way to work. She spent the day there both yesterday and today, playing with her niece who is also 6.

I didn't have to leave until 8 am, so I paid a whole raft of bills before I even went to work. I paid the water bill, MasterCard (the $90 I pay each payday plus $20 to cover the $20 in new charges that I'd put on it), my cable internet, a majority of my cell bill (the balance I have to ask about because I don't understand the charges) and my garbage bill for my rural home. Yes, it didn't have to be paid until August, but I paid it now.

I felt good! Then I drove Eldest Daughter to work, took her 4 year old to summer camp and went to work. At 1 pm I picked my granddaughter up from camp and drove her home. A friend of Eldest Daughter was here looking after Boo Boo (the 2 year old), so I dropped the older girl off and went back to work. I was so busy that I worked late!

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