Sunday, December 13, 2009

Goals for 2010

Okay, so here are my financial goals for 2010, with a few goals for our rural house and my fitness thrown in.  There are a lot more goals here than last year but many of them should be relatively easy to carry out.  For instance, I already wrote and sent in all the post-dated cheques for that $1,500 of debt and the $1,080 in regular credit card payments will happen if I just pay $90 every 2 weeks.  In fact it will be more than that but I don't know exactly how much more.  Last month I paid just over $88 in interest, so there's about an extra $2 that I'm paying down, plus the interest I'm charged goes down every month as my balance declines.

Just before I start listing goals I wanted to share that I logged onto my credit card website the other day to see if my most recent payment had posted and if the statement was available.  It wasn't, but I got a shock when I looked at my available credit.  I guess starting to pay $90 every 2 weeks has had an effect.  My credit limit has just been increased by $3,000!  You keep hearing about the opposite happening these days.  People are complaining that their credit limit has been cut or that their interest rates have increased.  Well, not only has my credit limit increased, but I've noticed over the past several months that my interest rate actually declined at least twice!

Financial Goals

  1. Pay down $1,300 directly in credit card debt. Pay down $1,500 in other debt. Pay down $1,080 in regular credit card payments. Total: $3,880. Round up to $3,900. 
  2. Open a TFSA and put $1,300 into it.
  3. Put a minimum of $520 into the Emergency Fund.
  4. Put a minimum of $520 into my RRSP.
  5. Keep putting money into my set aside accounts, rural credit union account, etc.
  6. Keep current on all my bills.
  7. Come up with $3,000 for Dear Child’s dental surgery.
  8. Pay off both Home Depot payment plans on time.

Rural House Goals
  1. Plan out and create a garden in the front of the house (south west side of driveway area). 
  2. Plant lavender border. 
  3. Go to house 2x per month in summer. 
  4. Finish new floor in master bedroom.

Physical Goals

  1.  Get weight down to 120.
  2. Walk for at least a half hour per day (or use elliptical for same length of time).

Okay, so there are my goals.  How about yours?


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