Friday, December 11, 2009

Won't Wait Thursday?

Yeah, that's not so great with the alliteration but I didn't really accomplish that much yesterday.  I ended up going out unexpectedly in the evening and then fell asleep in front of the computer after I got home.

It was payday yesterday so I have money to pay some bills.  I've paid my cell bill in full (and it wasn't due until December 24th)!  I also paid CapitalOne and Home Depot the amounts I'm putting towards them every pay period.  I went to the bank and took out $144 in Loonies as Hanukkah gelt to give the girls!  My purse is now a deadly weapon because it's so darn heavy.  I've bought a present for my son's roomie (the name I drew in our gift exchange) and told my Hubby what to buy the person whose name he got.

I went to the deli and got food for Shabbos and put $20 worth of gas into the car.  I've been buying gas at PetroCan and using their points card (and gave Hubby a secondary points card a month or two ago, along with instructions to only buy gas there).  We've got almost enough points (assuming they haven't raised it again) to buy a gas card that gives us $0.05 off our next 200 litres of gas.  Prior to this I used Shell in order to get Air Miles but getting cash off gas purchases has become a higher priority.

I also logged onto ING and set up my credit union account as a linked external account and wrote the void cheque I have to send in to complete the process.  Once they have that in their possession my automatic transfers of $10 per week into the Emergency Fund will restart.  And then I wrote a series of post-dated cheques for another (non-credit card) debt we have.  We'd run through the previous series of cheques and I had had to order cheques from the credit union in order to be able to write these.

I'm pretty darn proud of myself!  I think I accomplished a lot today both in getting prepared for Hanukkah (which starts tomorrow night!) and in working towards financial goals.  I'll try to finish getting my 2010 goals into shape to be posted after Shabbos or on Sunday (even though Sunday is when we're having our family party).

I'll get out of debt and be able to buy my land yet!

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