Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukkah started Friday night, which meant that we had to light Hanukkah candles before Shabbos candles.  That's always pretty tough when Shabbos comes in so early and we get to do it again next Shabbos because that's the beginning of the last day of Hanukkah.

We lit and gave Dear Child a present: new hat, scarf & mittens set.  She got candy gelt and real gelt.  This year we're doing the $1 the first night, $2 the second night (and so on) thing.  It adds up to $36 per child at the end and the girls are all very excited by the money.  I have DC's present for the end of Hanukkah but, other than pencils with pictures of dreidles on them and a Hanukkah lotto game that everybody will be able to play, we aren't giving her presents this year.  She's hardly deprived however.  She went to a Hanukkah party with my Eldest Daughter and the girls after Shabbos and came home with earrings, nail stickers, candy, a wallet and a Barbie doll!  Tomorrow night is our family party and she'll be getting a gift from her grandparents and each of her siblings.

Tomorrow is a very busy day.  We're going to a Hanukkah party in the morning and then I'll be making lots and lots and lots of latkes in preparation for our party.  It may sound crazy to also go to a party in the morning but, as Eldest Daughter pointed out, if they play hard there for an hour or so we can bring them home and two of them will nap for sure, with DC also possibly napping (though she doesn't normally).  We know there will be bouncy castles (along with crafts, face painting, etc.), so it's a good plan.

In addition to latkes with sour cream or applesauce we're having salmon, cole slaw, raw veggies, a fruit plate and jelly doughnuts.  Amazing as it may seem, the fruit plate is necessary because there are a few people who don't like doughnuts!  I personally can't imagine not liking them but to each their own.  You have a piece of canteloupe; I'll happily eat your jelly doughnut.

To all of you who celebrate Hanukkah, may you have a wonderful holiday filled with light and family and fun times.


Grace. said...

Happy Holidays. Because two of my daughters are Jewish, we lit the candles, said the prayers (thankfully, no one who actually speaks Hebrew was around to hear our phonetic mispronounciation!) and made latkes. My two grandchildren (not Jewish) were utterly fascinated.

Shevy said...

Sounds wonderful! Hanukkah is a really fun time for kids. They like the colorful candles and singing songs, etc. Not to mention the latkes and jelly donuts! I also think it's great that your grandkids are learning more about this aspect of their aunties' lives.

Most Jewish Community Centres put on a party for kids during Hanukkah and that can be a ton of fun. We went to ours Sunday. Bouncy castles, face painting, arts & crafts including making their own usable Hanukkah menorahs, songs and food. It was great.