Sunday, December 6, 2009

Working Up to Setting More Goals

Okay, how can I create a list of goals for 2010 when I haven't dealt with the whole issue of my goals for 2009 yet?  You see, I made a very short goal list for 2009 and Haven't. Completed. A. Single. One.  Of course, it's only the beginning of December and I did clue into this back in October.  I even came up with a bit of a plan then.  I started implementing that but then I never quite finished.

So I feel like the preliminary step is to work the plan that pertains to the current goals before I write up some fancy list of things I'd like to do next year.  Make sense?

Let's see.  Where am I?  My basic steps to take were:

1. Set aside $106 for Home Depot every payday until the beginning of January when the first lump sum comes due.
2. Start depositing $5/week into my ING Emergency Fund.
3. Set up a set aside account and put $10/week into it.
4. Get current on my bills and pay my grown daughter back the $100 she lent me.

And here's what I've done:

1. Done.  Except that I had originally intended on putting the money into ING and then transferring it just before the due date.  In the end I've been paying Home Depot that money every payday.  Now I don't have to remember to transfer the money out of ING a few days before I want to make the payment.  The outstanding amount will just be gone by the time I need it to be gone.
2. Haven't done it yet because I haven't had even $5/week to spare up until now.  In December I plan to start this up again, starting with my next payday (this coming Wednesday).
3. Haven't done it for the same reason as above.  Instead of a set aside account I think I'm going to try just depositing it to my rural credit union account, since that's where all my rural bills come out of and because I really never touch that account except for that purpose.
4.  I think I've gotten current on all the major bills and paid my daughter back $60.  Yes, I still owe her $40.

Next, I'll take care of #2 and #3 on Wednesday.  And I'll be paying my daughter $40.  After that I can start thinking about what to do next year.  One thing, though.  I need some way to keep myself accountable or I'll get 3/4 of the way through the year again without achieving any of my goals.

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