Friday, December 4, 2009

Miscellaneous Day Here at the Blog

Wow, has it really been over a week since I posted?  I've been commenting here and there on other people's blogs but I keep falling asleep about the time I usually start writing my own posts.  I also had a flareup of a chronic back problem on Tuesday.  I ended up taking a T3 around 11 pm, which meant there was definitely no blogging that night!  I'm the sort of person that, if drowsiness is a possible side effect of a drug, I'll be out cold.  It was still acting up in the morning, so I took 2 Advil at that point.  Luckily, it's better now.

I do have a variety of things to mention.  First of all, another one of my comments was featured in this week's Monday Mailbag on The Simple Dollar!

I've won a Starbucks card from Betty at Bouncing Back from Bankruptcy and I'm thrilled about that!  I can already taste my decaf white chocolate mocha with extra whip!

And I commented on Give Me Back My Five Bucks that Krystal should do one of her December Goals (to come up with her goals for 2010) as one of her famous challenges since all of us PF bloggers are probably planning a similar post sometime between now and New Years.  She said it was a great idea and that the post would go up soon but the post that appeared was her 2010 goals!  Now she's off to Vegas and I'm not sure if she's planning to do a challenge post or if I should do one.  I certainly can't post my goals for next year yet because I'm still working on them.

The next little while is going to be very busy.  I have lots of evenings coming up with parties or other events I need to attend.  I don't normally go out much in the evenings, unless I have to go back to the office or occasionally to attend a class for an hour or so, once a week.  And, a couple of times when I'm not going out, I'll be babysitting my granddaughters because Eldest Daughter also has parties to go to.

We have to seriously think about whether we're going to go to the house during winter break but we have to co-ordinate dates with ED, S-in-L and the girls too.  They'll be away or off part of the time but there are also days when people have to work.  Plus, going is contingent on getting 2 new winter tires because winter tires (and carrying chains) is mandatory through the Hope-Princeton all winter.  I'm still not quite sure how all the money is working out.  We did get the fuel oil delivered yesterday and I paid them via telephone banking this morning, once I'd confirmed the exact amount.  So, that's a relief.  I've also called and left a message for my next-door neighbour, asking him to check to make sure the furnace is going on.  If we had already run dry the reset button has to be hit in order to get the furnace running again.  And it would probably also mean another clogged sensor (with the gunk from the bottom of the tank) and another furnace servicing.  I really hope it's okay but I'm trying to focus on the fact that we have a year's supply of fuel oil now.  If we have to service the furnace I'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Actually, in the last couple of days I've started to worry about the car again.  It's been making a kind of groaning noise when you back out of a parking spot and it's progressed to sometimes making a noise as you start or stop.  It sort of sounds like a transmission issue and I'm so not dying to have to drop more money on the car at this point.  I'm still pretty touchy about the $2,600 or so we've spent over the past couple of months.  Son-in-Law will probably take it in to the place he goes to one of the days that he drives it next week.

Too tired to write any more now.  Goodnight!


krystalatwork said...

Hey! I was going to do a "2010 Goals" challenge and actually wrote a post out and everything. But when I was ready to post it live, I saw that many other PFers had already written their goals ... so I just kind of scrapped the idea. :(

Shevy said...

Oh, darn. I was really looking forward to a challenge. At least the thought of it got me writing and posting my own goals. But who has already written theirs besides you and me? I can't think of anyone else I read regularly.