Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How to Spend Money

What's that you say?  You don't have any problem spending money?  Well, neither do I.  Sometimes I spend it intelligently; sometimes not so much.

Today was a good day, moneywise.  I got paid and promptly turned around and paid a whole bunch of bills.  I paid my cell, water, internet and IKEA in full and am totally current on those.  The IKEA card is closed now because they switched providers and I haven't filled out another application.  I paid $90 to MasterCard, which covers the interest with a dollar and change left over and I'll keep paying them $90 every payday.  (My big problem with them has been that I've only been paying once a month when money has been tight and, at that rate, I should have the card paid off in 500 years or so!)  And I paid Home Depot $106, right on track to have the first of two purchase plans paid off just before it comes due at the beginning of January.

There's a few things that come out automatically, either as pre-authorized charges or as post-dated cheques and the money is in place for all but one of those.  My hubby will have to transfer money into my old bank account when he gets paid at the end of the month and that will cover the service charges and that pre-authorized payment.

Then I went out after everybody got home and bought $50 worth of groceries to last us until Monday and $25 worth of gas.  I'm pretty much broke again but it feels really good to have taken care of all the important things.  I feel today was a success.

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